Debbie Bender Design


Debbie Bender is a proud Fayetteville Native and Military Spouse. Debbie’s love of event planning began when she was 9 years old and President of the Student Council, planning fun school-wide activities! This love of bringing people together in celebration is the foundation of Debbie Bender Design.

Debbie has over 10 years of event planning experience, including: 

Director of Events at The Metropolitan Room, Fayetteville NC

Social and Special Events at The Hermitage Club, Wilmington VT  

Event Coordinator at Stratton Mountain Resort, Stratton VT

Marketing Director at Drucker and Falk LLC· 

While working in Vermonts premiere resort destinations, Debbie mastered every aspect of event management including weddings, The Burton US Open, Wanderlust and numerous concerts with headliners including Hall and Oates, Train, The Doobie Brothers, Jackson Browne and more. Working at destination resorts has taught Debbie how to incorporate trends and customs from all over the country. 

Debbie can lead you through the thrill of event planning and design, from concept to execution! She will create numerous tablescapes for the client to touch and experience just like their guests would. Debbie has strong relationships with local vendors and believes that Small Business is the backbone of every vibrant community. 


In Debbie’s free time she loves snowboarding, working on her dream home wtih her husband Andy, playing with their oversized dog and slightly oversized cats. Debbie is an active member of her community, both professionally through Fayetteville Young Professionals and personally via her work with local non-profits. Debbie believes in giving back and being a good neighbor. She donates supplies and expertise to support great organizations like the Fayetteville Animal Protection Society, Kid’s Peace Foster Organization, The Cape Fear Botanical Garden, Kidz Play,  The Junior League of Fayetteville, The Cape Fear Regional Theatre, The Boys and Girls Club, The Coastal Conservation Association of NC and many more. Debbie Bender Design donates 25k of in kind donations to organizations each year.   

Debbie Bender Design does not discriminate against clients of any kind. Debbie Bender Design plans and executes same sex marriages and events for all cultures.  

Team Members

Michelle- Director

"Momma Michelle" is the backbone behind Debbie Bender Design
and our Team Leader. During the day Michelle is a teacher and also works at her church as the Family Ministries Director. Michelle's favorite moment in each wedding is the First Dance. 

Caitlin- Director

Caitlin, our Team Leader,  is a recent college grad who pursued her degree in teaching, following in her mother's (Michelle) footsteps. As a past client, Caitlin knows exactly how the Debbie Bender Design process operates. 

Whitney- Intern & Floral Specialist

Whitney is a Fayetteville native, just like Debbie. Whitney loves the thrill of events and is the newest team member. With a new outlook on life Whitney has decided to follow her passion which has always been events and intern with Debbie Bender Design.  

Sharon- PR Specialist

Sharon is a creative soul that will tackle any task assigned to her. Sharon is great with the children who are in the ceremony and always has a pocket full of sweets! Sharon is a full time college student and keeps us up to date on social media trends. 

Tara- Team Lead

Tara is a mother of three and a gymnastics Director. Tara's love for events comes from years of helping Debbie Bender before the business was started. Tara is a milspo and has more energy than her three year old!

Kristen- Team Lead

Kristen is the energy on our team! Kristen can never stop moving whether she is bartending for your event or assisting with food service. Her past work experience in Country Clubs trained her for the level of service the Debbie Bender Design team provides.